Boomtown Brewery

Brewers of Boomtown

Head Brewer: Samuel Chewawunga (Chewy) cut his teeth brewing in the craft-metropolis of Portland, Oregon. His most sought after draught, Nose Job, had been around longer than ‘Bulletproof Wallets’ by Ghostface Killah.  After being offered the chance to start a brewery of his own, Chewy came down from the Northwest to Southern Cali to claim his stake in the brewing business. In his spare time (wait, what spare time?) he can be found jamming out to reggae, putting something on the grill, or talking trash about the Patriots.

Lead Brewer: Ben Turkel got his start brewing in Maine on 5 gallon home brew kits and hops from his garden. After bouncing around from state to state and nation to nation, Ben settled in Los Angeles and began working at Boomtown in 2015. Finding fame and fortune in brewing, he now has an old desk, couple of tomato plants, and a selection of mid shelf liquor. In his spare time (hold on, Chewy allows spare time!?) he can be found swooning over his chickens, working on a piece of furniture, or tooling around the city on his bike, Athos.

Brewer: Kurt Boomer started his tale in the brewing world under his friend and mentor Brian Seffer at Claremont Craft Ales. After years of slaving on a 3 barrel system, he had the opportunity to become investor and brewer with Boomtown. We believe the names were fate. In his free time,(Wait, Chewy doesn’t allow free time) he can be found hacking away at various golf courses with a beer and a few friends or wondering the hills with a camera in hand. Kurt can be found at the brewery from the keg washer to the mash tun.

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